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Empowering Therapy for Women. Empowering Therapy for Change. 

A group of 4 diverse women of different ethnicities and cultures, smiling and embracing in support, therapy for women

Manage stress, gain clarity, and build confidence.

You’re tired of doing ALL the things. I can help.

It’s difficult to find fulfillment in day-to-day life in the midst of stress and burnout.

You want to stop feeling empty and disconnected. You want to better understand yourself and your feelings and learn skills to break through this stalemate. The down days come fast and hard, and you know you’re wearing thin. You’re yearning to feel comfortable in your own skin, live with purpose and build more

meaningful connections. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to give to everyone all the time? Once upon a time you felt on top of it all… you were happy and took pride in being able to manage so much, but that escapes you now. Everything feels so big, you feel isolated and you’ve been feeling this way for far too long. It’s hard to find happiness in day-to-day life amid feelings of anxiety or burnout.

Burnout and anxiety might look like…

  • Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities at work, with your partner, as a parent, friend, and more.

  • Constantly working to a high standard only to beat yourself up when you feel overwhelmed and burned out.

  • Ignoring your personal needs or feeling guilty for doing anything for yourself.

  • Struggling to set boundaries with family and friends. 

  • Replaying narratives of negative self talk and judgment. 

  • Feeling tense, nervous, irritable, resentful or angry.


What if things could be different?

With therapy you will learn how to destroy the negative narratives living rent free in your head, gain a better understanding of yourself and build new skills that put you back in control of your life and emotions. You’ll have an empowering space committed solely to you where you can share free of judgment or criticism. You’ll gain clarity, build confidence and learn how to set healthy boundaries to foster connection and transform your life.

Empowering and Unconditional Support

Understanding and loving yourself takes work, and asserting your identity can feel overwhelming. You deserve support from someone who truly gets it - someone who can give you concrete tools to flip the scripts, manage stress, reduce your anxiety and help uncover your authentic self.

As a system focused, feminist therapist I specialize in helping high-functioning and introspective women struggling with loss of identity due to the impacts of disempowering societal, cultural, and political causes. I will call out the stressors in your life caused by the things you can’t control and help you explore how childhood and intergenerational trauma, capitalism, the patriarchy, and institutional oppression impact you and your mental health.

Through our work together you can...

  • Identify and celebrate your strengths

  • Break cycles of self-doubt and negative self-talk

  • Build relationships that are authentic, intimate and more connected

  • Increase confidence, assertiveness and learn how to set healthy boundaries

You can gain clarity, build confidence and live your best life.

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