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A yellow mustard seed flower standing tall and empowered

Empowering counseling
Women, LGBTQ+ Folks, and  Survivors of Suicide Loss.

Gain clarity, build confidence, and 
live the life you want.

Compassionate Counseling in California - online & in person

Life is hard right now and you just want to be happy.

You’ve been trying to figure out why you feel so stuck, trying to understand your feelings and make changes, but nothing is working.

You want to stop feeling so anxious and operating from a place of fear.

You want to be happy, to take action and make better decisions - decisions for yourself.

You need support and a space to sort through it all.

Of course you do, because you deserve it, and I’m here to help you.

From Feeling Stuck...

  • Insecure & like an imposter

  • Using negative patterns to cope

  • Negatively impacted by external systems and beliefs

...To Living Empowered

  • Confident in your individuality & values

  • Finding your purpose & building new skills

  • Gaining control & setting boundaries



Empowering & Inclusive Therapy


Therapy to Build Confidence


Compassionate Therapy & Support

If you’re committed to digging deep and taking action, I’m here for you.

Michelle Parrella LCSW

Hey, I’m Michelle.

I believe that this moment in your life, what is happening to you now is not the definition of you but simply an evolution.

Work With Me


Let's Connect

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation. I'll explain the therapy process, answer any questions and we can decide if we’re a good match.


If we’re not, I am committed to making sure you get referrals for someone who may be. I got you. 


Be Empowered

We’ll work together to examine the narratives and behaviors preventing you from being your greatest self, identify your strengths and cultivate the insight you need to live your best and most authentic life. 


Invest In Yourself

Inclusive, empowering and flexible support to meet you where you are; giving you the in person connection you crave or the online flexibility you need to work around your busy schedule.

A positive change in your life begins with taking the first step.

You want to be happy. I can empower you to THRIVE.

Let’s Do This.

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