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Meet Michelle Parrella, LCSW

You deserve a safe space to be unapologetically you.

Empowering support with a compassionate, feminist therapist.

Michelle Parrella LCSW Empowering Feminist Therapist in California

Michelle Parrella, LCSW

The relationship I form with clients is never transactional.

I strive to create transformational relationships together because I believe you deserve a partner

to build the life you want, not just a therapist. 

My goal is that our work together leaves you feeling your time was productive and worth the investment you're making in yourself. Each session is an opportunity for me to meet you where you are, whether that’s allowing you the space you need to process something recent, dig deep into the past or

cultivate a new skill and take purposeful action. 

We’ll work together to dismantle the stories in your mind, attack your anxieties and reduce your overwhelm. I’m committed to giving you a judgment free space to be you… to take off the mask, to fall apart,

to not “have it all together” and speak your mind.

Your Best Life Therapy About Michelle Parrella LCSW

Throughout your life, you are influenced and shaped by the systems around you; the systems you live in, society, your background, culture, family dynamics and relationships.

With so many variables and factors involved, taking charge in your life may feel like an overwhelming task.

As a feminist therapist, I help examine stressors experienced as a result of biases, oppression and discrimination. I work with folks who are insightful and want to delve into the disconnects they’re experiencing: where stress, anxiety, or overwhelm is causing them to feel out of balance. I will give you the tools to take control of your life and uncover who you truly are, so you can resurface empowered and confident and live in radical authenticity.

You’ve spent the time trying to analyze things, read the books, listen to the podcasts and somehow you’re still stuck feeling alone.

I’m here for you.

As a clinician, I may be an expert on some things (both lived and learned) but I’ll never pretend to be an expert on you and your experiences. Working with me means that I’m going to challenge you in your journey of self discovery and that I will hold you accountable so that you can live your best life. I do this with you because I do it with myself. 


It’s not uncommon for me to pour my energy into you not only in the room, but also between sessions. I'm often taking time to reflect on our work together, listening to that podcast (or movie or book) you mentioned in session, and finding new ways to aide you in creating everlasting change.

I believe we are equals in the therapy room, and I’d never ask you to share and open up if I weren’t also willing to be real with you.


Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy.


My favorite moments are the ones where my client says with a smile, “That was a good session I wasn’t expecting”.  Sometimes we’ll sit together and marvel at the bonkers coincidence of a moment in your life, laugh at the sarcastic joke one of us cracks and throw our hands up together at the absurdity of it all.



Empowering & Inclusive Therapy


Therapy to Build Confidence


Compassionate Therapy & Support

Training and Experience 





University of Riverside 
Bachelor of Psychology - 2001

California State University Long Beach
Master of Social Work - 2003

Thesis: Perceived Effects on Intimate and Peer Relationships of Adult Children of Lesbians

Licensed Clinical Social Worker California

Social Worker Independent Clinical License Washington

LW 61440116

EMDR trained


My support to you is absolute and not subject to any special terms or conditions: it'll happen no matter what else happens.


I actively work to understand and respect your unique experiences and perspectives, and take steps to foster a sense of respect, understanding, and empowerment for all clients.


I strive to create a sense of congruence between one's inner experience and outer expression - for myself and for my clients.

My Guiding Principles

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